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    Hemochromatosis is the medical term for too much iron in the body. A common genetic glitch called hereditary hemochromatosis leaves about 1.5 mil- lion Americans prone to a glut of iron, although not automatically doomed to it. Large doses of iron sup- plements, multiple blood transfusions, drinking too much alcohol, and some rare metabolic disorders can also trigger an iron overload, which can damage body tissues and raise risks for infection, heart disease, liver cancer, and arthritis over time.

    In addition, taking high doses of vitamin C allows your body to absorb more iron than it normally would accept and releases more stored iron than necessary. is causes an upswing in free iron, which attacks DNA, cell lipids, and protein. Free iron also results when abnormally high levels of iron accumulate in the body for other reasons.

    Excess iron is not easily shed. More men than women su er from an overabundance of iron; in fact, men are twice as likely to have iron overload than iron de ciency.

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