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Serious de ciencies of most essential vitamins and minerals are relatively rare in America, although they do occur in some pockets of the country. More

o en, people get enough of the essential micronutri- ents to avoid overt de ciency ailments such as scurvy or rickets, but because of nutrient-poor diets, they get too little of some vitamins and minerals that can help ward o chronic health problems, such as osteoporo- sis, cardiovascular disease, and some types of cancer.

How can you tell if you could be compromising your health by not getting enough? While de nitive proof is hard to come by, there are certain clues

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Đang cập nhật.... According to the Framingham Heart Study, 30% of people ages 67 and over lack adequate folic acid, 20% do not get su cient vitamin B6, and 20% to 25% do not get enough B12. e Baltimore Longitudinal Study on Aging found that most older men and women are de cient in calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, and vita- min D. Malabsorption, poor diet, or other causes may underpin this pervasive problem.

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Đang cập nhật.... Women who menstruate need more iron compared with men, postmenopausal women, and women who’ve had a hysterectomy. Any woman who might get pregnant also needs extra folic acid. During the rst three weeks of pregnancy, folic acid is essential in preventing birth defects of the brain and spine. Some research suggests that the daily dose for women of childbearing age should be 800 mcg, not the 400 mcg currently recommended and present in most multivi- tamins. Combining a healthy diet with a multivitamin should provide you with about 700 to 800 mcg a day.

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Những người dùng thuốc

Đang cập nhật..... Some digestive diseases can block absorption of vita- min B12. Cystic brosis, chronic liver disease, and short-bowel syndrome can impair the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, such as vitamin E. Liver disease, kidney disease, or malabsorption maladies can trig- ger a de ciency of vitamin K, which is essential for blood clotting and may help keep bones healthy. A lack of stomach acid—which o en occurs among the elderly—makes it hard to absorb calcium and vitamin B12 from food. Celiac disease, in ammatory bowel dis- ease, and other conditions that a ect the small intestine can interfere with…

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Đang cập nhật.... People lacking a particular gene variant—which leads to having a less-active form of an enzyme that helps the body use folic acid—have a higher risk for colorec- tal cancer when they take in too little folic acid. Other genetic abnormalities hamper the body’s ability to make and use vitamin D, thus increasing the risk for bone fractures.

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Những người ăn kiêng

Đang cập nhật... Unlike every other vitamin, B12 is almost exclusively found in animal products (eggs, milk, sh, poultry, and meat). Some vegans and strict vegetarians court a B12 de ciency, which can in ict neurological damage and contribute to heart disease. Taking a multivitamin or regularly consuming milk or eggs will solve the problem. People who follow a plant-based diet should also eat plenty of deep-hued vegetables and fruits, to ensure that they get enough essential vitamins and minerals, along with other healthful compounds.

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Những người dùng rượu

Đang cập nhật... Heavy drinking is known to cause folic acid de - ciency. And even moderate drinking—no more than one drink per day for women and two for men—may pose a problem. Women in the Nurses’ Health Study who drank moderate amounts of alcohol and took in little folic acid had a higher risk for breast cancer than their counterparts who took multivitamins contain- ing folic acid. is combination—drinking alcohol and having low levels of folic acid—has been linked to colon cancer, too. Experts advise even moder- ate consumers of alcohol to step up their folic acid intake, for…

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Mất máu

Đang cập nhật nội dung.... When you lose blood, you lose iron, too. As noted, women who menstruate need extra iron. So do fre- quent blood donors—an estimated 3 to 4 mg more per day for each unit of blood you donate during the course of a year. Talk with your doctor about this rst to be safe, though.

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  • Thiếu vitamins và Genes
  • Thiếu vitamins và Genes
  • Đang cập nhật.... People lacking a particular gene variant—which leads to having a less-active form…
  • Quá thiếu vitamins
  • Quá thiếu vitamins
  • Đang cập nhật.... Serious de ciencies of most essential vitamins and minerals are relatively rare…

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